Final Examinations for Degree-Credit Courses

Most distance education (DE) courses require you to write a traditional sit-down final exam. Final exams are written on campus at the University of Guelph or at alternate locations for students at a distance.

It is assumed that all distance education students will be writing their final examination on campus at the University of Guelph.

University of Guelph degree and associate diploma students must check WebAdvisor for their examination schedule.

Open Learning program students must check the Open Learning Program Final Examination Schedule for their examination schedule. Please note this information is subject to change and students are responsible for monitoring the schedule for any changes.

Please note that the on-campus exam location will be posted approximately one week before the start of the final examination period.

Requesting an Alternate Final Exam Location

If you are studying at a distance, you can request to write your degree-credit course final exam at an alternate location. To make arrangements, please submit your request from the “My Exams” tab in the Student Portal. It is recommended that you make arrangements as early as possible in the semester since changes cannot be guaranteed after the deadline.

All examination locations must be selected by the first day of Week 4 of the semester. 

Please note that a $30 fee will apply if:

  • You submit this form after the deadline date (stated above)
  • You request a change in your exam location, time or date after the deadline date. Students wanting to change their location back to Guelph after this date will be charged the $30 late fee
  • You do not write your off-campus examinations as scheduled (no-show). Please note, each missed examination will result in a separate $30 fee.

Your examination schedule will be emailed to you by Week 9 of the semester.  Please email the Distance Education Examination Coordinator (DE Exam Coordinator) immediately if you do not receive your schedule by this time. Every effort will be made to locate an exam site in your preferred city; however, this may not always be possible due to exam site availability and you may be required to travel outside of your preferred city. If you are a DE student living within 100 kilometres of Guelph, you may still request to write off campus; however, you may be asked to travel to Guelph for your final exam(s).

Please note that off-campus exams are not necessarily scheduled on the same date and time as the on-campus exams. You may be required to write your off-campus exam earlier or later than the on-campus exam date and must be available to write at any date and time during the scheduled exam period. The DE Exam Coordinator will email you the details of your alternate exam location approximately one month before the final exam period begins.

International Students

Students writing outside of Canada are responsible for any proctor related fees. International proctoring fees vary by site and can range from approximately $50-$200 per examination. We will try our best to limit these expenses, however, you could be required to pay at the top of the approximated range of fees per examination(s). Fee information will be provided in your Official Examination Schedule.

Accessibility Services for Final Exams

If you require accessibility accommodations for your final exam, please email the DE Exam Coordinator before Week 4 of the semester.  Undergraduate students must be registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) before accommodations can be arranged.  Accommodations may not be arranged as requested if students do not register promptly due to site availability. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, please email the DE Exam Coordinator or phone 519-824-4120 ext. 56776 as soon as possible.

Please note that Continuing Education (CE) students should consult their course outlines for information about course assessments. Most online CE courses do not have a final examination component.

English Language Program (ELP)

Most of the ELP courses require you to write a final exam. A final exam schedule will normally be communicated to students by email during the last two weeks of class. Exams are written in person on campus.