Online Learning and Technology


Distance education (DE) courses are offered entirely online using CourseLink, the University of Guelph's online learning management system (LMS). Within CourseLink, you will find a website for each of the DE courses that you are enrolled in. The system organizes and displays course materials, manages grades and tracks and reports student interactions. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, your course will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

System Requirements

In order to be successful in a DE course, it's important to have a high-speed Internet connection along with the proper computer system and software. We recommend that you review our computer system and software requirements to verify that you have met the minimum specifications. If you do not have these technical requirements, you may want to consider upgrading your personal computer or using another computer--on campus or at your local library. As well, follow this quick system check to determine if your computer is set up correctly to participate.

Some DE courses may have additional technology, software or equipment requirements that are not included in your tuition fee. For more information, check the details of your course on the course description page.

Third Party Learning Technologies

Some DE courses make use of learning technologies that are developed and supported by third party companies or organizations (i.e., Flickr, Blogger, Wikispaces, etc.). OpenEd works with course instructors to select the best tools to help you meet the outcomes in your course. Third party tools are often used to enable collaboration, communication or creation amongst students or between students and the instructor.

To help ensure that you have the best learning experience possible, oftentimes OpenEd will create student accounts and obtain licensing for these tools at no extra cost to you. At times, however, you may be asked to create a free account in order to use a particular tool, such as a wiki or blog. Each site has its own privacy policy that tells you what personal information is collected about you and why, and how it used, stored and shared. As well, each site has Terms of Use or Terms of Service, which is a contract between you and the company. These contracts apply to free accounts and paid subscriptions so it is important that you read them carefully. If you have concerns about any of the tools used in your course, please contact your course instructor.

Rights and Responsibilities

For DE courses, course websites are considered to be your classroom. The protections, expectations, guidelines, and regulations used in face-to-face settings apply, plus other policies and considerations that may come into play, specifically because DE courses are online. These policies help ensure that everyone can learn in a safe and open environment.

As an online student, it is important that you comply with these policies and expectations. Before you start your course, take a few moments to get familiar with your rights and responsibilities when learning online.

Getting Help

If you encounter any technical problems while taking a DE course, please email OpenEd Technical Support, phone us at 519-824-4120 ext. 56939 or call us toll free at 1-866-275-1478 (Canada and USA).