Learn from Equine Research Expert in the Upcoming Equine Functional Anatomy Course

This summer, students registered for the online Equine Functional Anatomy course at the University of Guelph will have the opportunity to learn from equine research expert Dr. Jeff Thomason. Dr. Thomason is a senior anatomy professor and research coordinator at Equine Guelph.

Highly respected and internationally recognized for his research on the equine hoof, Dr. Thomason looks forward to sharing his expertise with his students this summer. When asked about the unique aspects that he brings to the course, Dr. Thomason says, “aside from an English accent, I bring an understanding of anatomy, but also how a horse works as a machine. That understanding helps me figure out how to keep an animal healthy, and why it breaks down.”

Dr. Thomason will be joined by three guest speakers in the course: Dr. Jane Manfredi, Dr. Luis Arroyo, and Ernest Woodward. All speakers are highly respected in their fields and aim to provide an informative learning experience for students.

Along with the students, Dr. Thomason is continuously learning. “I am learning how to give appropriate support to students who are not used to learning online,” he says. “Not everything you need to know about a horse comes from a stable…there is science behind it, and the rate of important scientific knowledge being produced is increasing.”

Thomason’s knowledge and witty demeanor will provide a welcoming atmosphere for participants, allowing them to engage in meaningful discussions with facilitators, guest speakers and each other in an interactive and open environment. “Giving students activities that take what they learn back to their horses helps them enjoy the online learning environment and find relevance in their studies.”

Equine Functional Anatomy begins on Monday, May 8, 2017. Register today.