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Landscape environments must provide both aesthetic satisfaction and functional value in residential and commercial settings. As a landscape designer, contractor or gardening enthusiast, you must make decisions that provide effective solutions in creating desirable outdoor living environments.

About the Certificate

Learn about historical influences on modern landscape design, and the design process. Understand design elements and principles. Enhance your understanding of management principles for operating a successful landscape business. Explore the physical properties and uses of landscape construction material and discover how to incorporate computer technology in creating successful designs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing all required courses within this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Make effective use of practical and applied design strategies to determine and offer meaningful solutions to landscape design problems
  • Interpret historical influences on the landscape, and translate such influences to improve the design of current landscapes
  • Produce landscape drawings that clearly and concisely communicate and interpret project intentions for client and contractor
  • Recommend best materials and building techniques to be used in the construction of specific landscape features
  • Identify and choose plant materials that will have a desired impact on the landscape
  • Develop a business plan with the financial knowledge and skills to launch and maintain a landscape business


  • Landscape professionals, commercial or independent, wishing to develop or improve design skills
  • Nurseries, garden centres and landscape companies providing landscape design options to their clientele
  • Homeowners wanting a better understanding of the design and function of their landscape environment

Additional Information

Upon completing the certificate, consider taking just four additional courses to earn the Creating Landscapes Diploma.

If you would like additional information on this certificate, please email our main office or phone us at 519-767-5000