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Course Description

This course provides an overview of the biology, identification and control of weeds important to turf, specifically in golf course settings. The purpose of this course is to take what you will learn about identification of common weeds in turf and methods of weed control and apply it to managing weeds in real life situations.

Course Equivalent

'Weed Management for Horticulture' has been deemed an equivalent to the course 'Weed Management in Turf'.  Students who intend to complete the Maintaining Golf Courses Certificate are encouraged to take 'Weed Management in Horticulture' when it is offered.    

Designed For

Learners wishing to gain an understanding of the golf course environment and improving skills needed to offer superior playing conditions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Examine why weed identification is an important tool to help compare appropriate control measures;
  2. Describe the different life cycles of weeds and how they differ;
  3. Identify common weeds that can be found in the turf landscape;
  4. Describe and compare the methods used to control weeds in turf; and
  5. Predict the impact that environmental conditions have on the presence of weeds.

Course Topics

  • Weed Biology
  • Controlling Weeds in Turfgrass
  • Broadleaf Weed Identification and Control
  • Control of Grass and Grass-Like Weeds
  • Control of Other Weed Problems


Assessment Item Weight
Discussions 10%
Assignments (2) 15%
Quizzes (2 x 15%) 30%
Case Studies (3 x 15%) 45%
Total 100%


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