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Course Description

worm's eye view of tall green trees and a blue sky

This course discusses the management of trees in urban environments. To become proficient in this field you must become familiar with a variety of topics, including: soil management, climate, tree biology, and insect and disease identification. Gaining an understanding of these topics will allow you to make appropriate decisions about where and how to plant a tree, which branch to prune, how to protect a tree from damage, and much more.

Designed For

Landscape practitioners wishing to gain an understanding of trees, their care, and maintenance techniques relevant to a sustainable approach to landscapes.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Identify trees by genus and species using a plant key;
  2. Identify the characteristics of a soil that will influence species selection and growth;
  3. Make good decisions on species selection for specific sites based on soil conditions, climate, the purpose of the tree and others;
  4. Describe the process to plant and prune a tree to ensure the best health;
  5. Identify damaging agents and take appropriate corrective action; and
  6. Initiate a tree planting program in your community.

Course Topics

  • Arboriculture and the Arborist
  • Parts of a tree
  • Tree Identification
  • Soil Science and Climate
  • Plant Selection and Planting Methods
  • Modifying the Site
  • Tree Protection
  • Pruning
  • Pest Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Hazard Management
  • Property Rights and Community Action


Assessment Item Weight
Discussion 10%
Reading Assignment 10%
Quizzes (4 x 10%) 40%
Major Project - Management Plan 40%
Total 100%


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