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Course Description

Large redwoods in forest with ferns and lichen

The focus of this course is to illustrate how woodlands provide a rich wildlife habitat, a wealth of recreational opportunities and significant financial return when managed well. The course will offer the steps to evaluate a woodland, to consider management options - from preservation of rare species to timber harvest - and develop a conservation plan. In addition, emphasis is placed on woodland ecosystems.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Identify trees and shrubs by genus and species;
  2. Identify the physical characteristics of the landscape that will influence the growth and development of woodlands;
  3. Describe the relationship between the various plant and animal species that occupy woodlands;
  4. Develop a management plan for a woodland with specific goals, objectives and activities;
  5. Plan a timber harvest; and
  6. Expand or rehabilitate woodlands through natural regeneration and tree planting.

Course Topics

  • Woodland Conservation
  • Introduction to Plant Biology
  • Ecology of Woodlands
  • Management Options - Developing Goals
  • Identifying Non-Tree Vegetation 
  • Mapping the Woodland
  • Forest Health
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Tree Harvesting 
  • Rare and Invasive Species 
  • Tree Planting 


Assessment Item Weight
Discussions 10%
Quizzes (4) 20%
Management Plan - Part 1 10%
Management Plan - Part 2 10%
Management Plan - Part 3 50%
Total 100%

Please note that the course assessment is subject to change.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

*Course details are subject to change.


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