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Course Description

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The creation of productive contexts for knowledge mobilization requires acting on the factors enhancing or limiting individual, organizational and societal capacity for using and sharing evidence.

This course focuses on processes and products to support target audiences in engaging with new evidence. Learn skills and techniques to help build capacity for users to identify, make sense of, and apply relevant evidence in their individual, organizational and societal contexts. You will explore the role of knowledge brokers in enhancing user literacy and motivation, facilitating engagement, and increasing understanding and uptake of evidence.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Conduct stakeholder analyses to understand the needs of target audiences' interest in and capacity to engage with the evidence;
  2. Recognize individual, organizational and system-level barriers and enablers to using and applying evidence;
  3. Create a KMb engagement plan;
  4. Review various convening models (such as workshops and communities of practice) and facilitation techniques to support engagement with and dialogue around evidence;
  5. Determine the various roles of KMb partners and practitioners in enhancing user engagement; and
  6. Select appropriate tools and techniques to evaluate the success of KMb engagement efforts.

Sample Careers

  • knowledge broker, knowledge mobilization practitioner, researcher, policy-maker

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Technical Requirements

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