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Course Description

multiple computer monitors on wall displaying images in shades of blue

This course provides a survey of computer systems and software, including an introduction to computer programming, data organization and the social impact of computing. The course emphasizes application packages for personal and business use.

Notes: Cannot be taken for credit by students taking a major or minor in Computing and Information Science. CIS*1000DE can be counted as a Natural and Mathematical Science Course for B.A. Distribution Requirements

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:
  1. Identify and describe basic hardware components of computer systems.
  2. Articulate and discuss the use of programming, databases, networks, the Internet, and information systems.
  3. Identify and discuss major operating system functions.
  4. Apply various functions of computer applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and database software.
  5. Design and develop a website using HTML, style sheets, and multimedia technologies.
  6. Discuss and explain the social, ethical, and legal issues associated with computing and emerging technologies.
  7. Explain how to evaluate the quality of resources discovered online for their accuracy and reliability.
  8. Develop an ePortfolio including selected artifacts and supporting learning reflections.

Course Topics

  • Why Computers Matter to You
  • Understanding Computers and Their Parts
  • The Internet and the Web
  • Application and System Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • Networking
  • How the Internet Works
  • Digital Devices and Media
  • Computer Security
  • Software Programming
  • Databases and Information Systems
  • Networking and Security

Additional Requirements

Restriction(s): CIS*1200. Not available to students registered in B.A.Sc. Program (Applied Human Nutrition major), B. Comp. degree or a CIS minor.


Assessment Item Weight
Online Lab Participation 2%
Portfolio Assignment (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Website Development) 32%
Online Discussions and Report 10%
Online Quizzes (4 x 4%) 16%
Online Final Exam 40%
Total 100%

*Course details are subject to change.


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