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Course Description

Dried out lake bed

This course examines the processes leading to deterioration of soil and water quality, the impact of deterioration on use, and preventative or corrective measures: soil erosion by water and wind, soil compaction and salinization, drainage channel maintenance, sedimentation and nutrient enrichment of water, conservation programs and policies, and reclamation of severely disturbed soils and saline-sodic soils. Emphasis will be on concepts and solutions to problems in a systems approach.

Note: This course can be taken individually or as a part of a certificate program.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Describe the processes and factors that relate to the soil degradation topics studied;
  2. Describe the nature and range of management approaches in use today and the most appropriate situations for use;
  3. Analyze field soil conditions and recommend and suggest appropriate management options to protect soil from erosion; and
  4. Recognize and mitigate soil salinization and restore extremely disturbed soil.

Course Topics

  • Erosion processes
  • Measuring and modelling
  • Ruslefac
  • Preventive and corrective measures
  • Preventive measures for wind erosion and best management practices for overall erosion control
  • Restoration of degraded soils and saline/sodic soils
  • Restoration of areas of extreme disturbance

Additional Requirements

Prerequisite(s): 1 of AGR*2320, ENVS*2060, SOIL*2010
Equate(s): SOIL*3080


Assessment Item Weight
Online Quizzes (2) 20%
Written Assignments 60%
Final Exam 20%
Total 100%

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

Technical Requirements

You are responsible for ensuring that your computer system meets the necessary system requirements. Use the browser check tool to ensure your browser settings are compatible and up to date (results will be displayed in a new browser window).

*Course details are subject to change.

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Section Title
Soil and Water Conservation
September 08, 2022 to December 02, 2022
Contact Hours
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Course Fee(s)
Domestic Tuition Fee (0.5 units) $683.39 Click here to get more information
Domestic Tuition Fee - Non-Ontario (0.5 units) $713.81 Click here to get more information
International Tuition Fee (0.5 units) $3,106.72 Click here to get more information
Available for Credit
0.5 units
Reading List / Textbook
Note: Digging into Canadian Soils is freely available online as an Open Educational Resource.
Section Notes

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Note: The online version of the textbook is available online through the University of Guelph Library.

Section Materials
  • Textbook (Confirmed) (Mandatory) Principles of Soil Conservation and Management by Blanco H. and Lal R. © 2008 Springer ISBN Print: 9789048179626 or Online: 9781402087097
  • Textbook (Confirmed) (Optional) Digging into Canadian Soils; an Introduction to Soil Science by Krzic, M., Walley, F.L., Diochon, A., Pare’, M.C., Farrell, R.E. © 2021 PressBooks; Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International licence. https://openpress.usask.ca/soilscience/
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