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Equine certificate and diploma programs at the University of Guelph offer a comprehensive course of online study for the horse enthusiast and owner. These continuing education programs are based on research and evidence-based knowledge providing you with practical information to improve the health and welfare of the horses in your care. Online courses give you the opportunity to learn with more flexibility to participate while balancing work, family and your horses. The courses are innovative, and developed and facilitated by leading equine industry practitioners, veterinarians and researchers.

Program Details

  • All equine studies courses are offered in an asynchronous, online format. Since there are no scheduled classes to attend, you have the flexibility to study at a time and place that is convenient for you.
  • A selection of 20 online courses offers you an opportunity to explore the latest equine research and gain practical skills to improve the health and welfare of the horses in your care.
  • You can register for individual courses or complete a series of courses to earn a certificate or diploma.

Program Fees

  • Regular Tuition: $625CAD per course
  • Early Bird Tuition: $549CAD per course

Continuing education courses are not typically eligible for provincial education funding. OpenEd bursaries are available to eligible learners. 

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You will benefit from our online courses if you:

  • have a passion for horses and want to learn more about their health and well-being
  • own your own horse or plan to own your own horse
  • currently, own a property or will be establishing or managing a horse property
  • are concerned about equine welfare and the behavioural needs of horses
  • would like to start your own equine business
  • would like to have a career in the equine industry



Diploma in Equine Studies

Gain an extensive equine education



Certificate in Equine Business Management

Turn your passion for horses into a business in the equine industry


Equine Science Certificate

Your horses will benefit from current research and evidence-based practice


Equine Welfare Certificate

Consider welfare from the perspective of the horse

Short Courses


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