Career Overview

Employer demand for data science professionals is being driven by the need to analyze business intelligence data to inform organizational decision-making. This trend will accelerate as richer data sets become available and data analytics becomes a ubiquitous skill set across many business professions. Data scientists utilize their analytical and programming skills to collect, interpret and analyze very large data sets in order to develop solutions to difficult business challenges. Data scientists ultimately create algorithms and modelling processes that help businesses extract wanted data, then produce solutions to those challenges in order to optimize business functions and operations.

Salary Ranges

• A data scientist in Canada typically earns between $53,000 and $115,000 annually, with an average annual salary of $78,093.

Skills in Machine Learning, Python and Big Data Analytics are correlated to pay that is above the national average for this field.

Required Skills within Industry

  • Machine learning, Python and Big Data analytics skills
  • Ability to program
  • Ability to visualize data directly
  • Knowledge of probability and statistics
  • Understanding of trends in data, relationships between variables, and anomalies that may lie within the data

Salary Data and Skills retrieved from PayScale.

Related Programs


The Introduction to Data Science course allowed me to obtain new skills and knowledge of Data Science and R programming without interrupting my work schedule. Since the completion of the course, I’ve used these new skills to analyze data sets and provide timely solutions.

Greg Sabatine, Data Science Certificate Graduate

The course touched a lot of areas at a high level while also offering in depth labs to work through. That is something hard to balance in one course which this did perfectly. Since the course covered a lot of content ranging from what a data scientist is/does to understanding the concepts of machine learning, it helped me understand the scope of data science, introduced me to new tools and provided a way to collaborate with others on multiple data science projects.

Aaron Toth, Data Science Certificate Graduate

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