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Develop your knowledge, skills and values with respect to knowledge mobilization (KMb) and learn to select and apply KMb tools and techniques to move knowledge into action. 

Addressing today's complex social, economic, health or environmental challenges calls for our increased capacity to collaborate in finding and implementing innovative solutions. While a vast amount of knowledge is created every day, only a fraction of it is effectively mobilized—shared, used and applied—to inform real-life situations. This lack of knowledge transfer or exchange is contributing to a gap between research, policy and practice, which hinders social innovation and slows down progress. 

With a total of three courses to complete, this certificate seeks to contribute to closing this gap by providing you with the necessary tools to enable the efficient and appropriate dissemination, uptake and application of knowledge. 

Learning Outcomes 

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Build and implement knowledge mobilization strategies adapted to the needs and goals of your organization or sector 
  • Identify and use evidence from a number of sources and disciplines, and present research findings in ways that make information accessible, relevant and applicable 
  • Understand the key skills and competencies of knowledge brokering and stakeholder engagement 
  • Turn knowledge into action and support the development of evidence-based policies and programs 


  • KMb Practitioners 
  • Service Provider 
  • Policy Maker 
  • Researcher 


This program requires the completion of three required courses.


Enrolment is on a course-by-course basis and there is no application required. This program is intended for adult learners who are at least 18 years of age or have completed Grade 12 or equivalent. Course availability changes each semester. It is recommended you submit notification requests for each course in the program to be informed when registration opens. Course registration closes seven days after the start of the semester.

Complete three required courses. Request your parchment through the OpenEd Student Portal once all requirements are met.

You can take up to 5 years from the start of your first course to complete and receive the certificate.

The price per course is currently $1,200. Course prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed. The total cost of the program may vary depending on available discounts* and the length of time to completion.

*There are early bird and alumni tuition discounts available for this program.

Additional Information 

If you would like additional information about this program, please contact our Main Office

Sponsoring Partner 

Community Engaged Scholarship Institute 


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