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Develop or enhance your skills and knowledge of Ontario school board business operations and functions.

Developed in partnership with the Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO), the Diploma in School Board Administration (DSBA) is designed for those working or seeking to work within an Ontario school board environment.

About the Diploma

The Diploma in School Board Administration (DSBA) consists of six required online courses and four classroom-based electives. 

I have been honored to have been able to participate and graduate from this diploma. I think that all managers at school boards should be encouraged to take these courses.

Anonymous, 2019 DSBA Graduate

Learning Outcomes

  • Expand your career opportunities and gain a competitive edge
  • Enhance your ability to inform and contribute to strategic decisions
  • Augment your capacity to lead, manage and optimize business operations
  • Build on current knowledge and skills in your business role

Program Requirements

There are no prerequisites for the courses. You must receive a passing grade of 50% or more in each course to successfully complete this diploma program.

Sample Careers

  • school business official
  • principal
  • vice-principal
  • superintendent
  • director of education

Additional Information

If you would like additional information about this diploma, please email our main office or phone us at 519-767-5000.

School Business Operations Certificate Programs

Courses within the following seven certificate programs comprise the Diploma in School Board Administration elective courses.

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Minimum Required

6 Course(s)

The diploma involves 6 core courses (online; see below) and 4 elective courses (in-class) from the existing roster of 28 courses associated with the UoG/OASBO Professional Certificate programs. Elective courses are offered annually during July and include four (4) days of instruction followed by a final examination day five (5). Students can specialize and gain a Certificate in one of the seven (7) areas, or select elective courses from different certificate programs to meet their learning needs. See Professional Certificate Programs direct links on the left.

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