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A woman weairng a white lab coat, with an image behind her of scientists working with raw poultry


The University of Guelph is a leading institution in food science. The Food Science Certificate program is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of this discipline. If you are looking to advance your career in the food industry, develop new job responsibilities in a food-related industry, or build food industry skills for a new position or change in career, then this program is well suited for you.

About the Food Science Certificate

The Food Science Certificate program concentrates on the chemistry, analysis, microbiology and processing of foods, and on the maintenance of food safety and quality throughout. The program provides recognition for individuals outside of the University of Guelph interested in the field of food science and for food science education for University of Guelph students not in the B.Sc. Food Science Major.

This certificate program will be of interest to:

  • Food industry personnel seeking formal food science education or wishing to upgrade their present qualifications
  • Technical sales and marketing personnel needing to know how their products work
  • Dietitians and nutritionists wanting to know more about food science and processing
  • Government-employed food and public health inspectors needing to expand their knowledge base


Various careers in food science include: Food Scientist, Food Safety Inspector, Food Microbiologist, Packaging Specialist, Food Product Developer, etc.

Additional Information

When you have completed all the requirements for this certificate, you can request your parchment through the OpenEd Student Portal.

If you would like additional information on distance education, please visit our Distance Education FAQs page. For specific program-related inquiries, please email the Open Learning program Counsellor.

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