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Golfer taking shot over a water hazard onto green


Develop practical and applied skills to design, construct and manage golf courses and turf keeping the sustainable care of turf and plant communities at the forefront. 

About the Certificate

Golf superintendents are under close scrutiny in today's urban and rural settings. Can turf managers maintain healthy playing conditions while respecting environmental needs such as wildlife health and water quality? Can players be offered the best in playing conditions without the use of herbicides and extensive fertilizer use?

Turf identification and management skills are at the forefront of this program. Gain valuable insights into golf course design and construction techniques, tree care, and other best management practices related to the environmental care of golf courses.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing all of the required courses within this Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Develop turf management practices that offer best turf conditions to clients
  • Develop design and project construction skills within the golf environment that realize project intentions for clients
  • Identify and select turf species and landscape management practices that will have a desired impact on the golf experience/ landscape
  • Analyze critical aspects of turf management techniques while selecting environmentally sustainable practices to enhance turf quality


Public or private golf course manager or superintendent.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information on this certificate, please email our main office or phone us at 519-767-5000.