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Social Sciences
Course Location Delivery Options Availability
HIST*2120 Animals and Society HIST*2120 Online Available
POLS*2300 Canadian Government and Politics POLS*2300 Online Available
UNIV*2100 Career Ready: Develop Your Future UNIV*2100 Online Available
POLS*3440 Corruption, Scandal and Political Ethics POLS*3440 Online Available
PSYC*2450 Developmental Psychology PSYC*2450 Online Available
7500001 Engage: Building capacity to understand and use relevant evidence 7500001 Online Available
HIST*2250 Environment and History HIST*2250 Online Available
POLS*3300 Governing Criminal Justice POLS*3300 Online Available
ANTH*1150 Introduction to Anthropology ANTH*1150 Online Available
PSYC*1000 Introduction to Psychology PSYC*1000 Online Available
PHIL*1010 Introductory Philosophy: Social and Political Issues PHIL*1010 Online Available
POLS*2000 Political Theory POLS*2000 Online Available
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