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Course Description

This course examines design and construction techniques practiced in golf course development. Created for golf course superintendents / staff and golf enthusiasts, this offering provides an opportunity to work through the golf course development process from site inventory and analysis to concept and completed design. Specific components of golf environments are discussed in detail including bunkers, greens and tee decks.

Designed For

Golf course superintendents and employees wishing to gain an understanding of the golf course environment and improve skills needed to offer superior playing conditions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Describe the key historical developments of the game of golf;
  2. Describe and compare key trends in the evolution of golf course design;
  3. Explain the major factors that must be considered in selecting the location of a golf course;
  4. Explain the major factors that must be considered when designing the individual features (e.g. greens, tees, fairways, etc.) of the golf course;
  5. Describe the basic procedures and methods of constructing the many features of a golf course; and
  6. Explain the basic maintenance procedures required to establish a new golf course.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Golf Course Design
  • Golf History
  • Golf Course Design
  • Design of Golf Course Features
  • Golf Course Construction


Assessment Item Weight
Discussions 35%
Assignment 1 15%
Assignment 2 20%
Assignment 3 30%
Total 100%



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