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Course Description

The ultimate objective of knowledge mobilization (KMb) is to support the transformation of knowledge into action, enabling individual or social innovation and change.

Focus on the final stage in the KMb continuum, where evidence is transformed into decisions and practices at the system, organization, community, and individual level. Learn about KMb tools and techniques that facilitate the implementation of evidence into practice and support target audiences in sustainable change. Discuss complex approaches to knowledge production and use, including co-creation, which can enhance the uptake of evidence and favour evidence-informed decisions and practices.

Learning Outcomes


  • Analyze the individual, organizational and system-level barriers to and enablers of evidence-informed action and change
  • Recognize the ways in which partners’ and practitioners’ social locations and identities affect their relationships, experiences, and insights in the KMb process.
  • Create a KMb action plan to address barriers (individual including your own positionality, organizational and systemic) and enable sustainable change
  • Apply appropriate products and techniques to facilitate the transformation of evidence into action.
  • Select appropriate monitoring and evaluation techniques to assess the impact of KMb processes, including issues of attribution and sustainability
  • Support the generation and implementation of complex KMb strategies, including program-level and organization-level KMb
  • Use tools to support complex models of knowledge production, including ethics approval, collaboration agreements, and shared decision-making structures

Course Topics


  • Introduction to Knowledge Mobilization 
  • Understanding Individual Behaviour Change 
  • Organizational Policy and Systems Change 
  • KMb Methods for Action: Planning, Scaling, and Incubation 
  • Integrated Knowledge Mobilization and other critical approaches
  • Co-Production and Engaged Research: Integrated KMb 
  • Tools and Techniques for Knowledge Co-Production and Collaborative Action 
  • Evaluating Implementation and Impact 
  • Sustaining KMb Programs and Collaborations 
  • Project Management

Job Market Overview


Additional careers: knowledge broker, knowledge mobilization practitioner, researcher, policy-maker 

Sponsoring Partner


Assessment Item Weight
Weekly Unit Discussions 15%
K2A Gap Assignment (Creative Destruction of Barriers) 30%
KMb Pitch (Overview of Proposed Ideas) 20%
Plan for Multi-Layers KMb 35%
Total 100%

Please note that the course assessment is subject to change.

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Technical Requirements

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*Course details are subject to change.

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Act: Transforming Knowledge into Action
January 06, 2025 to March 16, 2025
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