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Course Description

This course stresses fundamental principles of chemistry and is designed for students without Grade 12 or 4U Chemistry or equivalent. Topics include: atomic theory, the periodic table, stoichiometry, properties of gases and liquids, acid-base concepts and chemical equilibria. This course is intended only for students who require the equivalent of Grade 12 or 4U Chemistry in order to proceed to CHEM*1040.

Please note that this course uses a competency-based learning model; it is skill-focused and is structured as a series of Tasks (content, readings, and activities) and Challenges (graded assessments) that build upon one another. Like in a game, you must complete Tasks to unlock Challenges, and must pass Challenges to move forward in the course. The course offers learners flexible pacing, the possibility to accelerate completion, and personalized support, but requires learners to have good time-management skills and self-motivation.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  • Express numbers correctly and solve quantitative calculations using established formulae and chemical concepts.
  • Describe the basic structure of the periodic table.
  • Identify elements, ions, and various compounds.
  • Balance and explain various types of chemical reactions including solubility, gas, acid-base, and oxidation-reduction.
  • Determine the molecular structure of simple compounds using Lewis Structures.
  • Describe the properties of gases and apply the gas laws (including the Ideal Gas Law) to gas problems.
  • Describe simple acid-base processes like acid strength and buffering.
  • Apply the concepts of chemical equilibrium and solve simple quantitative equilibrium calculations.
  • Describe simple oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions and applications.
  • Identify and name simple carbon containing compounds (alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and aromatic compounds) in order to begin investigating organic chemistry.

Course Topics

  • Measurements and Calculations
  • Chemical Foundations and Nomenclature
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Chemical Composition and Quantities
  • Atomic Theory and Electron Configuration
  • Chemical Bonding and Structures
  • Ideal Gas Law and Gas Stoichiometry
  • Solutions: Molarity, Dilutions and Reactions
  • Acids and Bases
  • Equilibrium
  • Oxidation-Reduction Reactions and Electrochemistry
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Additional Requirements

Restrictions:  CHEM*1040


Assessment Item Weight
Competency Quizzes (12 x 6.25%) 75%
Graded Calculations (4 x 6.25%) 25%
Total 100%

Technical Requirements

You are responsible for ensuring that your computer system meets the necessary system requirements. Use the browser check tool to ensure your browser settings are compatible and up to date (results will be displayed in a new browser window).

*Course details are subject to change.


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