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Course Description

This course covers the basic structure and function of plants and the major functions involved in growth and reproduction as they relate to the production of plants. Topics to be discussed will include: plant processes such as photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, nutrient uptake and reproduction, basic genetic principles, basic chemistry and the relationship and importance of plant science to the agricultural, horticultural and turfgrass industries.

Credit towards an Associate Diploma at the University of Guelph.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of plant anatomy and physiology concepts
  • Appreciate the diversity of plant morphology by engaging in hands-on activities
  • Describe how plants undergo photosynthesis, respiration, reproduction and acquire and use water

Course Topics

  • Plant cells and tissues
  • Leaves and roots
  • Stems and flowers
  • Absorption, conduction and transpiration
  • Physiology: photosynthesis and respiration
  • Growth and development

Additional Requirements

Equate(s): DAGR*1200



Assessment Item Weight
Quizzes (Units 2-7) 30%
Assignments (Units 4-7) 40%
Major Report 30%
Total 100%


Technical Requirements

You are responsible for ensuring that your computer system meets the necessary system requirements. Use the browser check tool to ensure your browser settings are compatible and up to date (results will be displayed in a new browser window).

*Course details are subject to change.


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