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Course Description

Scattered musical notes and symbols on a blue background

Fundamentals of ear training, sight-singing, keyboard, and written skills (rudiments such as scales, intervals and basic chord identification) are introduced. Proficiency on an instrument is not required, but previous experience with note-reading is expected. MUSC*1130 cannot be counted toward a specialization in music.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Read and write basic musical notation for pitch and rhythm;
  2. Recognize sound qualities of major and minor triads;
  3. Aurally and visually distinguish pitch relationships within an octave;
  4. Identify basic rhythmic patterns by ear and by sight (in a musical score);
  5. Communicate musically through singing of basic melodies and rhythm;
  6. Analyze basic elements of musical genres and articulate reasons for your musical preferences based on this analysis; and
  7. Describe and evaluate the ways in which theoretical elements make music expressive.

Course Topics

  • Theory and Rhythm
  • Sharp Key Signatures and Tapping Rhythms
  • Major Keys (Sharps) and Sight Singing Introduction
  • Minor Keys (Sharps) and Interval Distances
  • Harmonic Minor Scales (Sharps) and Interval Names
  • Melodic Minor Scales (Sharps)
  • Flat Key Signatures Plus Dots and Ties
  • Major Keys (Flats)
  • Minor Keys (Flats)
  • Harmonic Minor Scales (Flats) and Minor Intervals
  • Melodic Minor Scales (Flats)

Additional Requirements

Equate(s): MUSC*1120

Restriction(s): MUSC*1180


Assessment Item Weight
Theory Quiz 8%
Sight Singing Assessments (2) 14%
Dictation Assignment (2) 12%
Ear Assessments (2) 16%
Midterm 20%
Analysis Discussion 5%
Online Final Exam 25%
Total 100%


Please Note: You must have a computer capable of recording (most have a built-in system) or use your own headset if not.

*Course details are subject to change.


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