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Course Description

Sports team in a huddle

This course provides an examination of individual and group behaviour in physical activities and sports. Emphasis will be placed on understanding psychological concepts which are pertinent to sports, e.g., motivation, social and personality development, cognition, leadership and group dynamics.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

1. Identify and explain the scientific approaches and evidence-based knowledge in the contemporary study of Sport and Exercise Psychology, and the practical interventions available to enhance performance;

2. Describe the theoretical evidence and practical applications of what sport and exercise psychology consultants do;

3. Understand personality perspectives, measurement, and research findings, as well as the limitations of personality theory to predict and explain sport performance;

4. Explain the different approaches, theories, models, and processes related to behaviour change and motivation in sport and exercise;

5. Illustrate how athletic skills are acquired, modified, and strengthened;

6. Identify and discuss the cognitive and affective factors that influence performance such as anxiety, mood, and self-confidence;

7. Recognize and enumerate stress and cognitive evaluations, the different types of coping, and the diversity of emotions such as anger, happiness, and fear and their influence on participation;

8. Discuss how parents, coaches and other factors motivate youth participation in sport and positive development of young athletes;

9. Connect social psychological theories and research evidence pertaining to the qualities of aggression, coach behaviour, effective leadership, team cohesion, and spectator appraisal of performance with decision-making and actions; and

10. Explain how interventions can enhance performance and well-being in sport and physical activity participants.

Course Topics

  • Sport Psychology and Research Perspectives
  • Personality in Sport and Exercise: Special Populations
  • Motivation: Theories & Behavioral Change
  • Skill Acquisition and Anxiety in Sport and Exercise
  • Stress and Coping in Sport & Exercise
  • Group Cohesion
  • Aggression and Violence in Sport
  • Youth Sport
  • Coaching
  • Physical Activity and Sport Psychology Interventions

Additional Requirements

Prerequisite(s): PSYC*2310 or PSYC*2740


Assessment Item Weight
Discussions 20%
Research Paper 20%
Midterm 25%
Online Final Exam 35%
Total 100%


Additional Technical Requirements

This course will use the following:

  • Respondus tool to invigilate one or more exams. 

Please view the Technical Considerations.

Technical Requirements

You are responsible for ensuring that your computer system meets the necessary system requirements. Use the browser check tool to ensure your browser settings are compatible and up to date (results will be displayed in a new browser window).

*Course details are subject to change.


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