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Course Description

During this 3-day course, participants will learn the scientific and technological principles of making pasta filata cheeses through lectures, discussions, and hands-on cheesemaking. Participants will learn abou the markets and varieties of pasta filata cheese, the ingredients and manufacturing processes, and how to control those processes to optimize yield and quality. Both experienced and novice cheesemakers will benefit from the technical knowledge and could start applying their new skills immediately.  Every day, we will alternate between lectures and hand-on cheese making in our pilot plant.
Dr. Joe Yun, in collaboration with Dr. Mary Ann Ferrer, will lead the course. Dr Yun, a graduate of Guelph Food Science program, conducted Mozzarella cheese research at Cornell University where he received PhD and worked as scientist. He also worked as R&D director in a US dairy company and technical director in a dairy company in Canada. In addition, technical representatives from Vivolac Culture company from the USA will be available to share their knowledge and expertise. They will guide participants through the cheese making process, lectures, and discussions.
Note that students will have three weeks after the course to complete one assignment and one quiz for evaluation as well as access to several resources during that period.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Describe the different processes of milk preparation for cheese making through class discussions, including the basics of cheese milk formulation. 
  2. Have a working knowledge of cultures that can be used for this type of cheese.
  3. Have a working knowledge of the conditions of milk coagulation for pasta filata cheese. 
  4. Understand the roles of other cheese making ingredients
  5. Perform basic cheese yield calculations and explain the principal factors affecting cheese yield.
  6. Discuss the processing parameters needed for pasta filata cheese with optimal functionality.  

Course Topics

  • Overview, global markets, different types of pasta filata
  • Ingredients; milk and other ingredients, with special attention to cultures Processing steps
  • Functionality, including how to control functionality and results in sensory attributes.
  • Quality/Safety 
  • Yield/Cost, with analysis of effect of different processes on yield
  • Suppliers of equipment and ingredient
  • Some cheesemaking in our pilot plant


Assessment Weight
End-of-unit 5-minute quizzes 20%
Class Participation 20%
Assignment (1) 60%
Total 100%



Resources: Cheese Making Technology e-Book


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