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Course Description

This course is designed to improve decision-making skills and will examine the process of decision-making, taking into account complexity, risk and outcomes, and the impact of decisions on people, the community and the organization. The course also considers the role of rationality/non-rationality in decision-making and examine how uncertainty and ambiguity may influence managerial perceptions of choices and risks. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to: 

1.    Apply the rational decision model 

2.    Recognize cognitive biases in yourself and others

3.    Recognize your own unique individual decision tendencies 

4.    Use strategies to “debias” your and others’ judgment 

5.    Discuss the nature of judgments and decision-making in fostering individual, group, and organizational success 

Course Topics

  • Overconfidence
  • Cognitive biases
  • Risk/reward, framing, mental accounting
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Decisions over time, emotion and self-regulation
  • Groups/teams
  • Cooperation and coordination
  • Evidence and persuasion
  • Prediction
  • Improving decision-making

Additional Requirements

Prerequisites:  MGMT*3140, MGMT*3200 


Assessment Item Weight
3 reflections 60%
Essay 40%
Total 100%


Technical Requirements

You are responsible for ensuring that your computer system meets the necessary system requirements. Use the browser check tool to ensure your browser settings are compatible and up to date (results will be displayed in a new browser window).

*Course details are subject to change.

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Section Title
Management Decision-Making
September 05, 2024 to November 29, 2024
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