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Course Description

Using an integrated approach to studying leadership, this foundation course covers history, evolving theories, models, and research both from a theoretical point of view and practical application. This course will use a seminar style with applied workshops, class discussions, guest speakers, and student participation. Students will prepare elements of a skills portfolio and a research paper. This is a required course for the Certificate in Leadership.

Note: This course may be taken individually or as a part of a certificate or diploma program.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of current and historical leadership theories, contexts and concepts;  

  1. Apply leadership theories and concepts and recommend a course of action in relation to real-life and simulated situations and/or persons; 

  1. Analyze, critically reflect on and assess your own leadership experiences and expectations; and 

  1. Compile data on your leadership development to date, enabling you to create a personal leadership portfolio focused on opportunities for future development. 

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Leadership 

    • Leaders, Leading and Leadership 

    • Power 

  • The Context of Leadership: Nothing Happens in a Vacuum 

    • Culture and Leadership 

    • Gender and Leadership 

    • Ethics, Courage and Moral Leadership 

  • Foundations and Early Days: How do we “Do” Good Leadership? 

    • Traits and Skills 

    • Behaviours and Situations 

  • Hearts, Minds and Values: Current Perspectives on Leadership 

    • Followers, the Other Side of the Coin 

    • The New Leadership 

    • Other Approaches 

  • When We Lead: Opportunities and Challenges, Now and in the Future 

    • Leading Teams 

    • Diversity 

Additional Requirements

Equate(s): BUS*2010

Restriction(s): UNIV*2000


Assessment Item Weight Learning Outcomes
Unit Activities 8% 1, 2, 3
Unit Discussions 24% 1, 2, 3
Case Briefs 8% 1, 2
Quizzes 10% 1
Midterm Test  15% 1, 2
Personal Leadership Portfolio 35% 3, 4
Total 100%  


Applies Towards the Following Certificates

Technical Requirements

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*Course details are subject to change.


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