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Business and Economics
Course Location Delivery Options Availability
MGMT*3140 Business Analytics MGMT*3140 Online Available
MCS*3040 Business and Consumer Law MCS*3040 Online Available
MCS*2000 Business Communication MCS*2000 Online Available
HROB*3010 Compensation Systems HROB*3010 Online Available
MGMT*3020 Corporate Social Responsibility MGMT*3020 Online Available
HROB*3100 Developing Management and Leadership Competencies HROB*3100 Online Available
MGMT*3320 Financial Management MGMT*3320 Online Available
HROB*2010 Foundations of Leadership HROB*2010 Online Available
MGMT*2500 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship MGMT*2500 Online Available
1000001 Human Resources Administration 1000001 Virtual Remote Instruction Available
HROB*2290 Human Resources Management HROB*2290 Online Available
HROB*2090 Individuals and Groups in Organizations HROB*2090 Online Available