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You enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Gardening and growing plants is important to you, yet you’d still like to improve your horticulture skills and have the garden you’ve always dreamed of. Perhaps you enjoy horticulture so much that you’d like to explore it as a career option. Or better yet, you’re already working in the industry but would like to earn credentials to advance your career. Whatever your situation, horticulture studies at the University of Guelph will provide you with a high-quality education that is meaningful and practical in the real world. 

Our newly developed Horticulture Certificate features an improved student online learning experience, and a program structure that allows you to tailor your studies to your personal and professional learning goals. Courses are taught by industry experts and are delivered entirely online so you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of studying at a time and place that works for you, from anywhere in the world. 

With a total of five online courses to complete, the certificate program will strengthen your horticulture knowledge. 

Learning Outcomes 

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Apply the principles of plant and soil science to the production and maintenance of health in a variety of plant types (herbaceous plants, woody plants, indoor plants, water plants, vegetables, and turf). 
  • Utilize knowledge of specific plant characteristics and maintenance requirements to identify plants and develop planting plans that are appropriate to specific site criteria. 
  • Apply the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) including diagnostic and monitoring techniques, action thresholds, and control measures to develop environmentally sound pest, weed, and disease management strategies. 
  • Recognize the potential environmental effects of common horticultural industry practices and recommend practices that will contribute to healthier environmental conditions for plants, animals, and people. 
  • Apply knowledge of horticulture to respond effectively to client needs using language the client can understand. 
  • Compare new innovations and trends in horticulture and identify opportunities within these for ongoing professional development. 


  • Horticulture Worker 
  • Gardener 
  • Horticulture Specialist 


The program requires the completion of three foundational courses and two electives. The foundational courses provide you with the basics—a solid horticulture background to give you the necessary knowledge and skills to branch out into any area of focus. You may choose to complete your certificate with a specialization by selecting two courses from one area of focus, or choose courses from a variety of subject areas for a broader approach. Courses may be taken in any order.


Enrolment is on a course-by-course basis and there is no application required. This program is intended for adult learners who are at least 18 years of age. Course availability changes each semester. It is recommended you submit notification requests for each course in the program to be informed when registration opens. Course registration closes six days after the start of the semester.

Complete 3 required courses and 2 elective courses. Request your parchment through the OpenEd Student Portal once all requirements are met.

You have a maximum 5 years to complete the required courses toward a particular certificate and/or diploma. The maximum number of years is presently under review and will be posted on the website once confirmed..

The price per course is currently $595. Course prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed. The total cost of the program may vary depending on available discounts* and the length of time to completion.

*There are early bird and alumni tuition discounts available for this program.

Additional Information 

If you would like additional information about this program, please contact our Main Office


Minimum Required

3 Course(s)

Students must successfully complete the following three (3) required courses:
Minimum Required

2 Course(s)

Students must successfully complete two (2) elective courses as part of their Horticulture Certificate from the following list.  An area of focus can be achieved by successfully completing the two (2) courses indicated below the area of focus title.
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